Laos Might Be Tourism’s Next Big Thing

Laos Might Be Tourism’s Next Big Thing
The two of us standing in front of Vientiane’s Victory Gate

We’ve arrived in Laos!

Crossing the border from Thailand was pretty straightforward and getting our visa-on-arrival wasn’t too tricky and only involved one 20 baht backhander in order for it to be processed.

Once inside the country, we took a pretty well-trodden tourist route - the slow boat from Huay Xai to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Luang Prabang (via a 1 night stopover in Pak Beng).

The first leg was lovely - we had tonnes of room, the scenery was spectacular and the mood on board was jovial. After our night in Pak Beng (a village that surely can’t believe its luck that so many foreigners are now passing through every day), we arrived at the pier to take the second leg, only to discover we were now all being put on a smaller vessel. By the time Jade and I boarded, all the seats were taken.

Eager to please, the crew started pulling seats off of a neighbouring boat and put them in the engine room where all the smokers convened and where there was barely any airflow. We didn’t enjoy it very much.

Since then, we’ve explored the city of Luang Prabang (touristy, pretty, interesting) and the capital city of Vientiane (intriguing, complex, blossoming) and we’re now in Vang Vieng (stunning, adventurous, vibey). We’re in Laos for another week or so before we head to Vietnam.

New on YouTube

In our latest travel vlog, we’re taking a bus out of Amritsar, India and heading towards the Pakistan border to see the Attari–Wagah Border Ceremony.

The ceremony marks the daily closure of the border gates and happens every day at around 5pm (varies according to time of sunset). Anyone can go to watch it for free, so we did.

There also another video that you might have missed, in which we go the world’s largest kitchen at the Golden Temple and enjoy a free vegetarian meal.

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A group of people potting seedlings at a reforesting project in Thailand
We help out at a forest replanting project in Thailand

Give Back

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Discover a reforested area of Thailand

One of the latest activities added to Give Back is one we’ve actually taken part in.

During our visit to Pai, Thailand, we visited a newly reforested area to discover the work of Conserve Natural Forests. We even got our hands dirty by potting some seedlings for the nursery. It was a wonderful day, topped off by a visit from Kamee, an elephant that is free to roam the area as she pleases.


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