Hello From Our New Office in Scotland

In this newsletter, we bring you up to speed on all the awesome new stuff we’ve been publishing from our new office in Scotland.

Hello From Our New Office in Scotland
Not quite the view from our office, but pretty close.

Hey! I hope you’re well.

It’s been a while since our last newsletter. Since then, we’ve moved up to Scotland and set up a new office (from which this newsletter is being written). Out the window, I can see the sea, snow-capped mountains and a lot of cloud, fog and drizzle.

I distinctly remember some time back that I dreamed of living somewhere with incredible views such as these, so it’s nice that my dream has become reality (despite the autumnal weather).

In this newsletter, we bring you up to speed on all the awesome new stuff we’ve been publishing.

Just a heads-up, this newsletter may contain affiliate links.

Our YouTube Channel is Growing

We’ve been busy publishing videos from our recent travels around Asia to YouTube. In the past month, YouTube’s algorithm suddenly took a shine to our channel and started promoting our videos (in particular, this one from our stay in the village of Salawas, India).

As a result, our subscriber numbers have grown very quickly. If you’re not already a subscriber, we’d love to have you on-board. Every ‘like & subscribe’ really helps our channel to grow.

We’ve now moved on from India and we’ve just started to publish our videos from our first visit to Thailand. The first video from that series is above.

Our Newest Travel Guides

It’s so great to be back publishing travel guides again. Inspiring and helping people to embark on their own adventures really motivates us to keep writing.

Here are our latest guides, all written by ourselves and based on our actual experiences.

Things to do in Amritsar, India (Mini Travel Guide) - Here To Travel
Discover great things to do in Amritsar, India with our mini travel guide, perfect for those staying for two nights.
Things to Do in Delhi, India (Mini Travel Guide) - Here To Travel
In this mini travel guide, we uncover six of best things to do in Delhi, India that we were able to find during our visit to the city.
7 Vegan Cafes & Restaurants in Inverness, Scotland: Tried & Tested - Here To Travel
Discover the very best vegan cafes and restaurants in Inverness, Scotland, all tried and tested by us.

Improvements to our Travel Guides

We’ve just rolled out a big update to the Travel Guides section of our website, making it considerably easier to find guides on specific destinations, particularly for those visiting on their mobile phones.

By the time you’re reading this, we’ve already rolled out the changes, so go take a look and dig into our best travel content.

Elsewhere in Eco-Travel

Here are some of the awesome things we've discovered recently as we've trawled the internet.

Revealed: 17 of the top 20 most sustainable destinations are in Europe
A new study has revealed which destinations are most sustainable, as well as where eco-conscious travellers head to.
Albania sets its sights on high-end eco tourism
Albania is recasting itself as a destination for alternative travel, with its spectacular landscapes away from the coast, and friendly farm stays
Sustainable ships: The world’s most eco-conscious cruises | CNN
When it comes to eco credentials, cruising has a bad reputation. But with consumers increasingly demanding cleaner, greener vacations, there are companies out there working to make at-sea vacations significantly more sustainable.
Looking for a sustainable travel option? These are the best eco-friendly holiday destinations in the world
Meet this year’s Marie Claire UK Sustainability Award winners and the sustainable hotels to book for your next trip.
Travellers willing to pay more for eco-tourism
Nearly 80% of travellers will pay at least 10 per cent more for sustainable travel features despite the cost of living crisis, a Euromonitor International report has revealed.
South Korea Becomes Second Country to Embrace National Plan for Plant-Based Foods - vegconomist - the vegan business magazine
Just ten days after the Danish government unveiled its national action plan for plant-based foods, South Korea emerges as the second country to actively

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