Oslo Recorded Its Lowest Ever Temperature During Our Visit

During our trip to Oslo, the city recorded its lowest ever temperature. Brrr! Read about how cold it got, plus discover all our newest travel guides and resources.

Oslo Recorded Its Lowest Ever Temperature During Our Visit
The skyline of Oslo, as seen from the roof of the Opera House

A couple of weeks ago, we embarked upon our first overseas trip since returning from Singapore back in June 2023.

There were a couple of potential destinations in the running, with most of them in southern Europe along the relative warmth of the Mediterranean Sea. ”Wouldn’t that be nice,” we thought. “A bit of Winter sun will do us good.”

We ended up going to Oslo, Norway. We both wanted to visit for a long time and we figured that if we were to go, we would want to visit in Winter. So, it was decided. Off we went.

During our visit, Oslo recorded its lowest ever temperature. -30°C (-22°F). Since returning, we’ve been asked multiple times what minus thirty feels like. It’s actually fine, provided you wear thermals and layer up.

The only difficulty we experienced was when we need to use our phones to navigate our way around. This meant having to remove gloves and we quickly discovered that a gloveless hand in minus thirty starts to hurt (like, really hurt!) after around 15 seconds. It certainly added some jeopardy to our explorations.

The cold temperatures didn’t hinder our visit at all. In many ways, it actively enhanced it. We had such a great time!

We’ve already made lots of travel resources for you from our trip. We’ve linked to some of them below and you can find others on our Instagram channel.

Our newest Youtube video covers our sledging experience in Oslo

Sledging the ‘Corkscrew’ in Oslo

I’m really rather proud of the newest video on our YouTube channel. It’s all about our experience sledging down Oslo’s infamous 2km long toboggan run, the ‘Corkscrew’.

Please do give it a watch. It’s really good fun and the scenery is beautiful. I managed to find some lovely music to accompany it too, so overall, it’s one of my favourite videos in our collection.

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Our Newest Travel Guides

As usual, we’ve been busily creating and publishing new travel guides to the website. Everything we create is based on our own experiences and written without assistance from AI. It’s written by humans, for humans.

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Big Changes to ‘Give Back’ Coming Soon

Give Back is our tool for finding awesome activities that give back to people, places and planet. We built it to help you simultaneously bring value to your travels and value to the places you visit.

In the next couple of weeks, Give Back will be receiving a massive update, not only in terms of the number of activities in the database, but in how you browse the database.

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