We Visited Scotland’s Largest City + A Plethora of New Stuff

We Visited Scotland’s Largest City + A Plethora of New Stuff
Posing with Clyde, the mascot for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

While we’re loving our new life in Inverness, Scotland, we’ve quickly learnt that getting anywhere requires a bit of extra effort. This is a change to our previous experience living in the south of England, where we were surrounded by airports and train stations.

Last week, we were visiting family in England. This required a two day 450km drive (though, to be fair, we probably could have done it in a day).

While many would see this as a negative, we saw it as an opportunity to create a city break. And so, we spent 48 hours in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.

Needless to say, we had a blast. You can watch a video from our trip below, or you can read more about the awesome vegan cafes and restaurants we visited a little bit further down.

We’ve Been Busy on YouTube

Apart from the odd time when we’re out of the office, we’re publishing new videos to our YouTube channel every Friday. Our latest video, shot recently on a short visit to Glasgow, can be viewed above.

Here are a few more of our recent videos that you may have missed….

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Newest Travel Guides & Resources

Here are some articles you might have missed on our website, including the latest one which we published last week.

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Latest Additions on Give Back

We were recently super delighted to publicly launch a brand new version of Give Back, our growing database of 🐘 animal sanctuaries, 🏝️ beach cleans, 🤝 cultural exchanges, 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 social impact projects, 🚏 tours, 🌳 tree planting, 🧘 wellbeing experiences and more.

Here are some of the newest additions to the Give Back database…

  • A project in Laos where English-speaking tourists can help children to practice speaking English
  • A network of cafes across France, Belgium and Portugal employing people with disabilities
  • A toucan rescue centre in Costa Rica
  • Walking tours of Dublin, Ireland by people who have experienced homelessness
  • A community cleanup project in Marseille, France
  • A museum in Anchorage, Alaska highlighting Native culture, heritage and traditions

We’re so proud to be building a database that highlights projects like these ones. We’re excited to find even more and to keep the database growing.

If you’d like to help us build to the Give Back database, get in touch with us!

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