Travel Fatigue Kicks In Whilst Travelling the Length of Vietnam

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Travel Fatigue Kicks In Whilst Travelling the Length of Vietnam
Rowing around a temple on the outskirts of Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Hello again!

Our journey around Southeast Asia has been continuing, which partially explains why we’ve not been in touch for a while.

Last time we sent out an email, we were in Laos and hailing it as tourism’s next big thing (a statement we still stand by). Since then, we’ve traveled the length of Vietnam from north to south.

Vietnam: highs and lows

Vietnam is a fascinating country. Like its neighbours, it’s a nation with a challenging past which continues to shape it. That said, the tourism sector is well developed and there is plenty on offer for adventurers. Halong Bay and Hoi An are clear highlights (pictured above) and we loved them both. Sapa was an overdeveloped disappointment and clearly a victim of its own success. One to one, the people are lovely and easy to get on with, but generally as a mass (in our humble experience), they’re a tricky nut to crack. Overall, we come away with very happy memories, but still mixed feelings.

Travel fatigue

Almost certainly contributing to our impressions of Vietnam, travel fatigue has kicked in and is very real. Living out of a bag and moving around on a regular basis does get wearing after a few months, as I’m sure you can imagine.

We channeled the emotion of travel fatigue into writing an article on this topic. If you’re thinking about embarking on long term travel/backpacking anytime soon, you’ll certainly want to give this a read.

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